2018 Traverse Is Award-Winning as A Family SUV

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2018 Traverse is award-winning as a Family SUV

The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse has won awards for being the best 3-row SUV for families. The vehicle is perfect for adventures of all kinds, whether it is across town or across the country. There is technology, comfort, and safety to stand up to every turn, which is most important when you are traveling with those who love most. The specs that back up these awards are definitely worth paying attention to

What features are in the interior of the 2018 Traverse?

You will find a 7″ diagonal screen when you look forward in the Traverse. It touch screen capabilities ensure that is going to be easy to navigate all of the features that it holds. The climate control in the vehicle is split into three different zones, so you can make everyone happy on extended trips. The stitching that you find on the seats make the leather stand out in a class of its own. Having these details really rounds out the positive aesthetics of the Traverse. The cabin itself is noise cancelling, so the bumps on those long highways will not be bothersome, nor will the bustling noise found on city streets. There is a sunroof available for long days out enjoying the sun as well. The space the Traverse provides is astounding, with comfortable seating for 8. The cargo space is an astounding 98.2 cubic feet, which includes a hidden under seat storage area in the back. This means that you will have space for everything you need, without compromising the comfort needed for people aboard.

Awards won by the 2018 Traverse

Best Cars and News called the 2018 Traverse the best 3-row SUV for families. The ability to throw so many different expectations at this vehicle and it handle them at it really makes it stand out. Parents and Edmunds called this is one of the 10 best family cars for 2018. The NHTSA gave it a 5-star overall vehicle score, which reaches into every category instead of focusing on what makes it comfortable for a family. It received this rating for both 2018 and 2019. The anti-lock brakes are equipped to automatically sense when the brakes have been pushed to an extreme level. It then levels out the pressure to ensure that you and your passengers are as safe as possible. The front, side and overhead impact airbags are ready to protect you when times go to awry. There is a security system as well, to keep your car safe even when you are not in it. If the ignition is not engaged with the proper key, the engine has been designed to prevent itself from starting.

What exterior features make the 2018 Traverse into the perfect family vehicle?

The headlamps on the Traverse at High-Intensity Discharge lights, ensuring that you will be able to light whatever situation you are in. The daytime running lights and mirror caps that are painted black have all of your lighting needs covered. The mirrors are also heated, so regardless of what weather conditions you are in, your safety will be top notch being able to see what is around every turn. All-season tires also help with weather issues, ready to handle whatever you throw at them. The spare is an 18″ compact, made of steel. This comes standard, so you do not need to make special request to have this quality at your disposal. The shutters on the car, both upper and lower, have active aero functionality, so they will engage and hide based on what will be best for your aerodynamics. At higher speeds, the shutters will close, but when you are cruising at slower speeds the shutter will be there. All of these features make the 2018 a great ride for the entire family, ensuring comfort in every manner. The 9 speed automatic transmission keeps things running smoothly, wherever you take it. Today is a great day to check out the vehicle for your own family.

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