Lifted Truck Basics

March 4th, 2020 by

Chevrolet trucks are known as some of the most powerful automobiles on the planet, but that doesn’t stop Kearny Mesa Chevrolet customers from investing in aftermarket upgrades that make vehicles like the Chevy Silverado even more impressive. One of the most common modifications is lifting, which involves raising the suspension so that your vehicle sits higher on the road.

Lifted Truck Basics

Occasionally, our dealership ends up with a lifted truck in our pre-owned inventory, and while these vehicles look fantastic, there are a few things we want our customers to know before buying one of these models so they can be 100% sure that a lifted truck is something they’re interested in buying.

Among the advantages of owning a pickup with a lift kit installed is the larger wheel well, which can accommodate larger tires. That’s great for off-road driving, especially in terms of higher ground clearance. Lift kits also can improve handling, both off-road and on traditional surfaces, and those bigger wheels sure can look cool, too.

However, some lift kits can expose mechanical and engine components that the original engineers didn’t intend to have exposed. Plus, certain types of suspension lift kits can mess with the vehicle’s center gravity and make them top-heavy and more dangerous in a collision.

The best way to know whether a lifted truck is going to work for you and your needs is to visit your Chevrolet dealer in San Diego and have a serious discussion with our service team. If we have any lifted trucks in stock, you can get a look at it up close and drive it around to see how comfortable you are behind the wheel. They are fun, good-looking trucks to own, but they’re not for everyone. If you’d like to know if they’re right for you, head on over to Kearny Mesa Chevrolet today.

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