Trading In Your Car

February 3rd, 2020 by

One of the best things about shopping for a vehicle at your friendly neighborhood Chevrolet dealership serving San Diego, CA is the value to be had among our stock of pre-owned Chevy models. Yes, Kearny Mesa Chevrolet specializes in those great new Chevrolet models that have just rolled off the assembly line, but we also have a great inventory of used Chevy cars that can be friendlier to budget-conscious buyers. And how do those budget-conscious buyers maximize their savings? They work with their San Diego Chevrolet sales professionals on working out a trade-in. Doing so knocks money off the bottom line and lowers monthly payments, but how does one get the most of these trades? It’s easier than you may think!

Trading In Your Car

The first thing to do—before ever bringing the vehicle into our facility—is to check into recall repairs and minor, affordable fixes. Remember that major repairs won’t bring you much return on investment, but smaller things you can do yourself to boost the integrity of the vehicle and make it look a little nicer are definitely positives. We also suggest vacuuming out the interior, dumping any old trash, and giving the car a wash and wax. The nicer it looks, the more likely we are to offer full trade value for the vehicle.

Along those lines, we also suggest that our customers get a sense of what that value is beforehand to avoid any disappointment when the numbers come back lower than expected. Kelley Blue Book has a great system that allows car owners to gauge how much their used models are worth in private sale or trade-in, and knowing that information can help you properly budget for the next pre-owned model you consider buying.

Otherwise, it should be a piece of cake! See a Kearny Mesa Chevrolet sales professional if you need any help, and use a trade-in to purchase your next affordable pre-owned Chevrolet model!

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