What Chevy Truck Service Does My Pickup Need?

September 10th, 2020 by

While Chevrolet pickup trucks are some of the most respected and best-selling vehicles in the industry in large part because of their reliability and sturdy design, no vehicle can go forever without maintenance. In fact, proper Chevy truck service is precisely the thing to help these pickups last, and while the exact schedules will vary from truck to truck, there are a few basic things you can expect when it comes to servicing your Chevy Silverado 1500 or other Chevrolet truck.
Chevy Truck Service Intervals
Throughout your time as an owner of a Chevy truck, your vehicle will need service done at these approximate intervals:
Tire rotation and oil/oil filter change approximately every 7,500 miles.
After two years, many Chevy trucks will need to replace their passenger compartment air filter and fuel filter. Larger trucks may also need the transfer case fluid changed at this time.
After four years, the engine air cleaner filter will need replaced, and the automatic transmission fluid will need to be flushed. Again, larger trucks will need the transfer case fluid changed.
At 150,000 miles/ten years, the engine accessory drive belts will need inspected and possibly replaced.

Other Maintenance Requirements
Not all maintenance comes on a schedule. The following will require attention as necessary:

Vehicle alignment
Brake pads
Wiper blades
If you find yourself in need of service for your Chevy truck, reach out to the professionals here at Kearny Mesa Chevrolet and we’ll get you taken care of quickly and affordably. Our trucks are built to last, but they will last even longer for those owners that take proper care of their investment.

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